The topics you can find in the following embrace a wide range of strategic themes to achieve a uniform information platform for the laundry industry!


Concepts and definitions

Digital transformation processes

Find out what is the meaning of digital transformation for laundry business and its suppliers. Learn and understand the key definitions of the digitalization process.

Key words for digitalization in laundries

This presentation summarizes the most important vocabularies regarding the process of digital transformation in commercial laundries!

(Smart) data analytics, process monitoring and process visualization

The role of process analytics and quality assurance

Monitoring the laundry processes in real-time and optimize all quality issues is tremendously important for laundry business! Learn through examples how to do it best!

From trends in process visualization to big data analytics

A lot of processes and business models in laundries are based on a huge amount of data. 
Learn how you can visualize data and processes, as well as analyze and evaluate all aspects…

Sensor systems and artificial intelligence

State-of-the-art sensor systems for monitoring of laundry processes

Sensor systems can be used as "eyes and ears" for monitoring and optimization of all laundry processes. 
What are the opportunities and challenges by using such systems? 

Utilization of artificial intelligence in commercial laundries

In this course you can learn how novel artificial intelligence solutions may affect the process monitoring concepts in your company?

Process automation and optimization

Establishing fully automated, smart laundries

Laundry business has to cope with a shortage of skilled employees.
Learn in which way complete process automation may be a solution in order to optimize your processes?

The theory of process optimization

Optimization of laundry processes is an important issue due to changes in the requirements (e.g. regulations, market structure). Learn how to use different tools to tackle the…

Industrial Internet of Things Concepts

Utilization of RFID technology

Synergies arise from connection of laundry and digitally-enabled technologies with novel software-based solutions as well as humans who will use both. Learn how you can derive…

Further communication technologies and platforms

Not only RFID, but also other technologies are interesting for implementation of Internet of Things concepts in laundries. Find out what are the opportunities and challenges in the…

Economic, ecological and social impact

Short overview on economic and ecological analyses methods

Sustainable growth of your businesses is one of the most desired goals.
Then, it is important to understand how the innovation may affect the economic, ecological and social…

Future of work in industrial laundries

The usage of digitally-enabled technologies reveal incredible opportunities for effective interaction of humans and robots/AI! In this course we complied for you different examples…