Shaping the future

By compiling ideas and information regarding the digital
transformation of commercial laundries as well as their suppliers,
let us shape the future of laundry business together.

Future of work

Let us think about how the digital technologies may affect
the future of work in commercial laundries? How we can
effectively eliminate obstacles and derive maximum benefits
from opportunities created through the digitalization?

Networking with us!

Networking creates synergies!
It is tremendously important to the long–term success
of the digital transformation of laundry business.

Information & Education

The bundling of information about the digitalization
process and the developing of novel training tools,
e.g. based on virtual reality applications, for laundry
employees is one of the most pressing goals of our research project.

Digital platform

Compiling of educational information & applications,
networking activities and digitally enabled technologies
on one platform is necessary to achieve novel digital business
and operating models for laundries and their suppliers!

Save the Date: 11-17-2020 – 11-18-2020 Meet us at the Salon Industries du Future Mulhouse

Don’t miss the presentation of Hohenstein scientist Dr. Igor Kogut at the „Future of Work“ booth at the Salon Industries du Future Mulhouse from November 17th to 18th.

Save the Date: 10-21-2020 – 10-22-2020 Future of Work in Laundry at beyondwork 2020 in Bonn

Don’t miss the opportunity to inform you about our “Future of Work in Laundry 4.0” project from October 21st to 22nd at beyondwork 2020 in Bonn.

Key topics of digitalization

The topics you can find on this internet platform embrace a wide range of strategic themes to achieve a uniform information basis for the laundry industry.
Inspire yourself by a huge variety of media and networking opportunities and accelerate the digitalization of your company!

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